Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twenty-One To Day

See what I did there.  Boop.

This is a good one.

What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

Oh so many things but I do realise they have to make their own mistakes and not listen to my advice all the time.  It's how things work but I know there are (at least) three lessons they have appreciated.

If you have to judge a person do so on their character; not their background.  I guess this brings in everything from race to religion.  I did mistakenly introduce a touch of naivety in my sons with this lesson as they were once extremely puzzled why girl classmates shouldn't be able to do all things as they haven't ever gotten that "girls pink, boys blue" memo.  Well, their mum doesn't live by those rules.

You are masters of your own universe.  Yes there are many things in this world that could stop you doing what you want to but you have to take all the opportunities you can.  It might not quite lead where you want it to but make the best of it and things will work out just fine.  It's something I wish I had been told and yes, had I been things would have worked out more than just fine!

Travel, see as much as you can of this world.  I hopefully have given them a good start but I'd love them to travel, have adventures, experience this world and appreciate all it has to offer.  If Eldest does become the pilot he wishes to be then this should be fairly easy!

All in all I just want them to be happy in what they do, confident in who they are and content with the life they lead.  Maybe that should be three lessons in itself.

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