Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 25 - And It's Google's Birthday Anyway...

...according to their daily illustration.  So apt that they play a part in this.

Think of any word. Search for it on Google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

First word that popped into my head was 'friend'. Which is quite lame really but I'm watching TV just now so I've probably heard it a minute beforehand.  As I'm watching Zoo it's not as weird as this could have been.
Image result for friend

As someone whose highlight of the year is a holiday somewhere sunny then this kind of image immediately warms me inside.  It doesn't make me think of friendship but of the sun on my face, the breeze from the ocean and that general atmosphere of calm relaxation.

I can conjure up that feeling now and, especially as there will sadly be no break for us this year, it is delicious.

There's a little beach near where we've gone on holiday the past few years, strangely we've never gone during the day but in the evening as we walk down to the town centre.  As the sun sets we take in the colours in the sky as they dip into the ocean, the water is still warm from the day and without the crowds of determined sun worshippers it is perfect.

Every now and then there are older, Spanish people swimming or fishing in the quiet twilight. It is usually after dinner for us and before dinner for the locals, we nod greetings, smile and continue on our way.

The Google image doesn't make me think of friends - it makes me think of family, my family, and the memories we will carry with us forever.

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