Thursday, September 03, 2015

Day Five - A Day Late (Ball Dropped)

Yes, so yesterday I had an event as part of my duties involving an aspect of my life I won't mention here, which sounds much more intriguing and suspicious than it actually is!  A quick reminded from my CFS that I have my limits means today is a crash so forgive me if I ramble, not that there is much of a difference.

Oh and day five is something I do spend a lot of time thinking about (daydreaming as is my want).

List five places you want to visit:

Only five and there is a whole world of places I'd love to go to with only lack of funds holding me back.  Most of these choices may just happen, and I truly hope they do, some might not -

I'll whittle it down to places I've never been and my top five would be

Swedish market -
stuff IKEA, I want to shop here
Scandinavia I'm probably one of many amongst the Nordic Noir fans in wanting to visit my Scandinavian cousins.  I say Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway as a whole as I'd love to see more than just the cities. Spend a few weeks touring around the four countries, enjoying everything I possibly could (Moomins included) - actually, this is something I'd love to do with my sons, before they're too old to want to tag along with old mum.

Sitges, Catalonia
Catalonia and not because I just mentioned it.  Okay, entirely because I just mentioned it.  I've never been to this part of Spain, I can't put Spain as a whole as I have been, I'd also like to visit the North of Spain.  Especially where Gran Hotel was filmed.  I've always felt very comfortable in Spain and not just because of the warmth of the sun in my bones.   Maybe if Catalonia have the backbone that Scotland didn't and become independent I'd like to settle amongst that confidence.

I hear my sketchbook itching to open.
France - of all the European countries I've ever been to this is not one.  Many plans were made and scrapped at the last minute.  Again I've put the whole country as I'm greedy and want to visit it all.  My son delights in being able to remind me that while he went to Normandy with the school, I've not been.  Our family originated in Normandy apparently.  I'd like to start in the North and work my way down, of course Paris would have to be visited (I have a list of the supposed 10 best chocolate shops there, I feel it only fair that a consumer test is done to check validity of this assertion).

Collioure in the South, with it's artists would have to be another top destination to head to.

New Zealand In particular the South Island because look...

I love the Maori culture, I have an old Maori legends book my Uncle sent me many years ago but who can't fail to look at that scenery in utter awe.

Orkney Standing Stones
Skye, Orkney and Shetland now this can't go under the usual heading of Highlands and Islands because I have visited some and it is ridiculous that I haven't visited any of these three despite really wanting to.  Believe it or not it is cheaper for us to holiday in Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands than to head up to Northern Scotland.  The chance to spend a week in the sun is always the bigger pull.

One day though, it is feasible and maybe we can see if it's true that if we visit Skye and the Hebrides we'll be the only Scots there!  Much ado about the loss of local people to the big cities due to incomers putting the price of houses out of reach - I've heard Cornwall is the same.  It is sad, I heard last night about the last speaker of Deeside Gaelic who died taking the language with her because everyone had left.

It's an interesting subject, who owns our land.  Maybe I shouldn't go to these places because it would make me despair, I think of my notion to live elsewhere and wanting to envelope myself in that culture and language but I'd hate to be part of a movement that saw locals unable to buy in their own towns.

On another note - I hate the new Google logo, is it just me who thinks it looks far too much like a pared down version of Comic Sans?

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